About Avi Philipson


Avi Philipson is a healthcare executive with a distinguished reputation for providing high-quality nursing and rehabilitation care to residents all along the east coast.

Philipson serves as the Head of Operations at Axis Health, a leading consulting company trusted by skilled nursing facilities across Maryland and New Hampshire. In his role, Philipson guides nursing and rehabilitation centers to mitigate risk, implement technological innovations, and provide compassionate care to both short-term and long-term residents. 

Avi Philipson also holds ownership interest at Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (New York), and consults on operations at Phoenix Center Rehabilitation and Pediatrics (New Jersey). While his focus is supervising the corporate teams and healthcare administrators across these care centers, Philipson is also responsible for providing counsel on their operations, risk management, marketing, and renovations.

Under Avi Philipson’s guidance, Axis Health’s partner facilities are held in high esteem for offering community residents the highest level of care possible through progressive clinical treatment. To preserve their patient-centered care model, these facilities employ highly-skilled staff members and provide them with ongoing training to keep them up-to-date with industry changes and advancements. They also use cutting-edge medical equipment and have introduced long-term care services and enrichment programs that support better physical and emotional outcomes for patients and their families. 

To carry out this mission of providing top-quality care across its partner facilities, Axis Health relies on Avi Philipson’s expertise to develop facility-wide programs, guide comprehensive technological innovations, and consult on five-star facility renovations. 

Most recently, Avi Philipson supervised facility-wide renovations at Phoenix Center Rehabilitation and Pediatrics, which included improvements to resident rooms and public spaces to comply with strict quality control measures. Philipson’s attention to detail and his passion for patient care ensure that all skilled nursing facilities continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the healthcare industry so residents can live their lives to their fullest capabilities.

Avi Philipson’s focus on risk mitigation and innovation brings a valuable perspective to the industry, and has led to the development of some of the most highly regarded long-term care centers up and down the east coast.

In addition to serving his community through Axis Health, Avi Philipson also supports a number of charitable organizations, including The Simchas Mayer Fund, which Avi co-founded in memory of long-time friend Mayer Weiss. This organization supports engaged Chosson and Kallah couples, giving them everything they need so they can have their dream wedding day with dignity and joy. For this charity and others, Philipson has spearheaded fundraising campaigns that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for those who need it most. 

Avi Philipson currently resides in the greater New York City area.