Older generations haven’t been shy in expressing their reluctance for embracing all of the new and different technologies that have come out over the past few decades. Part of this is likely because learning how to use these devices and traversing the digital world seems far too complicated to be worth the effort. 

However, the past few years have challenged this mentality. Now, more older adults are joining social media platforms, they’re surfing the web, they’re texting, and they’re playing games online. This increase in tech acceptance has inspired manufacturers and developers to build senior-friendly devices and apps catered to this specific demographic, and now older adults are realizing just how impactful technology can be. 84 percent of people say they now feel more capable and 69 percent admit to technology giving them a new perspective they never had before.

Below are just a few of the reasons why seniors should keep up with technology as it continues to advance.

Technology Fosters Independence

Whether a senior is still living at home or they’re in a skilled nursing facility or long-term care center, nothing is more important than helping them keep as much of their independence as possible. There are plenty of remote health-monitoring systems that help seniors manage their medications and stay in direct contact with their caregivers. Even at SNFs and LTCs, there are certain technologies that can help detect fall risks and monitor patients without a nurse having to be in the room with them, which helps seniors feel they have more privacy.

Technology Connects Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Communication is easier than it’s ever been, and technology is to thank for that. Seniors can call their loved ones from wherever they are, or send an instant message over text. Smartphones even have voice-enabled texting for older adults who struggle with using the keyboards on their devices. Staying connected with families and friends keeps seniors feeling young and happy.

Technology Is a Form of Entertainment

Going on walks or reading a book is a great way to pass the time, but technology provides older adults with even more opportunities for entertainment. They can watch a documentary on Netflix, which has an expansive library that cable just can’t provide, or they can play online games, some of which have even been created to help boost cognitive skills and memory for seniors. 

While the mentality around technology from older generations has been that it’s too complicated and distracts us from the important things happening in our lives, more seniors are realizing that it actually has the opposite effect. Technology works to make our lives more convenient, but even more importantly is that it helps to make our lives better. SNFs and other centers should encourage technology use within their organizations, but also with their residents as well.