Every year, the healthcare industry undergoes significant changes. It has to — there are always new processes and procedures to implement that help drive better outcomes, as well as new transformative technological advancements that are critical to providing better care across the globe. 

Every year brings with it its own trends to watch out for, and these are a few of the biggest trends that will come out of 2022.

Accelerating Biotechnology Through Data Analytics

Data analytics is helping us understand diseases and genetics more than ever, especially as we observe how they continue to evolve. Data can be used to accelerate biotechnology in a number of ways, including predicting patient responses to medications, analyzing diagnostic results, and helping in drug development by identifying any important patterns during clinical trials.

If medical professionals can better understand which drugs are effective for certain treatments, it not only supports better diagnostic and treatment options, but will also help ongoing treatment research. 

Telemedicine and Digital Care Solutions

Telehealth capabilities aren’t a new advancement, but its adoption has been accelerated because of the pandemic. Telehealth and other digital care solutions have proven essential in medical treatment and patient care, which helps to improve patient outcomes — especially in people who are high-risk and who have more complex health/care needs. 

Medical professionals can use wearables to monitor a patient’s health, and then virtually check in with those patients more frequently than an in-office visit would allow. As telemedicine and digital care options advance, the healthcare sector will become more of a hybrid model where a mix of face-to-face and remote visits will benefit both providers and patients alike. 

Innovation-Driven ESG

Both biotech and pharmaceutical companies are working to create strategic initiatives that will help them bring their consumer-facing therapies to the market. The life science industry is moving towards a social impact model that’s focused on ESG, or environment, sustainability, and governance. As a result, they’re looking towards therapies that are being tailored to unique patient populations. It’s becoming more difficult for biotech and pharma companies to manage this in-house, so life science companies must look to manufacturers and supply chain partners to help them achieve these goals.

The advancements that are made in healthcare today are essential for the future of medicine and patient care. Just like in previous years, 2022 will be full of changes. No industry can risk stagnation, and that’s especially true for healthcare. These are some of the biggest trends that will continue to drive this evolution in 2022 — and for years to come.