Every bride and groom looks forward to their wedding day, even before they’ve met their soulmate. Getting married is one of the biggest milestones of someone’s life, up there with buying a home and starting a family. While your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, it can also be one of the most expensive. 

The cost of weddings varies from state to state, but couples typically spend an average of $34,000 on their big day. Some couples make sacrifices to bring that number down a bit, but even the difference of a couple thousand dollars is still not financially possible for some people. Couples will always find a way to make their weddings fit their budget, but there are some organizations that believe a couple shouldn’t have to sacrifice their dream wedding simply because it would be too costly.  

The Simchas Mayer Fund is one of these organizations. It was founded in memory of Mayer Weiss, who passed away unexpectedly only a few months after his own wedding. The fund’s purpose is to provide Jewish couples with the essentials they need to get married. They cover the full cost of the bride and groom’s wardrobe and also cover the costs of various vendors that offer complete, beautiful packages to the Chossen and Kallah. 

The Simchas Mayer Fund believes that couples deserve to be married with dignity and joy, and that their weddings should feel unique and special from beginning to end. It’s our hope that it won’t only bring an Aliya to Mayer’s neshama, but that it’s also a source of bracha for all those involved in shidduchim. 

The fund has already made a difference in the lives of so many couples. We put a few of the testimonials we’ve received from people over the years on our website because we’re so honored to have been able to make such a difference in their lives. Here is one comment we received from a mother about her daughter’s wedding that touched us all so deeply:

“We wanted to say a tremendous thank you to each of the chashuv individuals who are involved in this very special organization. With your help, our daughter has gotten an absolutely stunning sheitel…and beautiful clothing. She was so excited to be able to get such beautiful things, and in such a “regular” way. It is obvious that you have mastered not just WHAT to do to help out the klal, but also HOW to do it. We have tremendous hakaras hatov. Tizku Limitzvos!”

The services that Simchas Mayers provides to engaged couples in need is life-changing, which is why it’s an organization I’ve chosen to regularly support. If you’re also interested in giving back to the fund, there are a few ways you can donate:

  • You can sponsor a Kallah for $1,500, which includes her wedding dress, dresses for Sheva Berachos, and a sheitel
  • You can sponsor a Chosson for $1,000, which includes costs for shoes, suits, a hat, accessories, and a weekday wardrobe
  • You can simply choose to donate a specific dollar amount to the fund and they’ll use it accordingly

If you’re already married, consider giving back so another couple can have their dream wedding.